The telework law in Spain 14 July 2021

The telework law in Spain


On 9 of July 2021, the Congress of Deputies approved the law n°10/20

The insurance contract 11 March 2020

The insurance contract

An insurance contract is the agreement by which a party, called the insurer, is obliged to compensate for a damage or to pay a sum of money to anot

The trial period 10 March 2020

The trial period

The trial period within a contract, set out in article 14 of the Workers' Statute, consists in the possibility for a company to have the right to d

The slander 20 February 2020

The slander

In criminal law, article 205 of the Criminal Code article 205 of the Criminal Code defines slander

The crime of theft 18 February 2020

The crime of theft

Article 237 of the criminal code that punishes the crime of theft, highlights two types of robberies, theft with force on things and theft with vio

The divorce 12 February 2020

The divorce

The Civil Code, in its 1981 amendment, introduced the legal concept of divorce : when two persons united by marriage can end their relationship, di