24 Feb

The figure of the self-employed

Article 1.1 of the Law on the Status of Autonomous Work of 2007 defines the ordinary self-employed worker as « natural persons who carry out in a habitual, personal, direct way, for their own account and outside the framework of management and orga

21 Feb

Incest, abuse within the coexistence unit

Concerning the crime of incest, Spanish law takes up the basic type in article 47 of the Civil Code where it specifies that cannot marry between them the « parents in direct line by consanguinity or adoption, nor collaterals by consanguinity up to

20 Feb

The slander

In criminal law, article 205 of the Criminal Code article 205 of the Criminal Code defines slander as « the imputation of a crime committed in the knowledge of its falsity or as an indiscriminate disregard for the truth ».

18 Feb

The crime of theft

Article 237 of the criminal code that punishes the crime of theft, highlights two types of robberies, theft with force on things and theft with violence or intimidation.

12 Feb

The divorce

The Civil Code, in its 1981 amendment, introduced the legal concept of divorce : when two persons united by marriage can end their relationship, dissolve the common economic society, and remarry whomever they wish.

Differences with marriage separation:

16 Jan

Domestic violence, a type of abuse

Criminal law defines domestic violence in its article 173.2 of the Penal Code as the practice of « regularly physical or psychological violence against one who is or was his spouse or on a person who is or who has been bound by a similar affective relationship, even without living together, or on