CATALÀ REINÓN has great professional experts in the real estate sector. The real estate sector is very changing and in recent times we have experienced great fluctuations, certain changes that have made everyone reflect on the importance of this sector. Having a good lawyer to advise correctly, who has a broad knowledge of all the law that has effects in these areas is of crucial importance.

Lawyers of real state law in barcelonaThe civil law, contracts and legal business, urban law, real estate, and affecting all tax law, make the real estate sector a very specific conglomerate that requires a good conjunction in all sectors of law involved. The seriousness and professionalism of Català Reinón and the lawyers of that department will cover your needs with the absolute guarantee that it requires, making you feel the tranquility of being properly advised to face real estate transactions that always represent an important economic risk for the client. Questions regarding flats, houses, buildings, land and lots, and legal business that can be performed on those goods require that peace of mind that we offer in Català Reinón.


From a simple legal query or preventive legal counsel, to amicable negotiations and even legal procedures, you can rely on our attorneys specialising in Real State Law on any subject related to your real estate property.

  • General advice
  • Claims:
    • Claims for defects in the construction
    • Claims for non-visible defects
    • Claims for lease income
    • Eviction for precarious
  • Management of:
    • Problems related to sale-purchase private contracts
    • Urban planning licenses
    • Expropriation
    • Municipal complaints
    • Tax management such as V.A.T, Spanish tax on Property Transfers, and Stamp
    • Duty
    • Provisional Registration cancellation
    • Settlements and challenges
    • Lease contracts
    • Deposit contracts
    • Exchange contracts
  • Counsel:
    • Board of proprietors
    • Compensation boards
    • Purchase options
    • Horizontal Property
    • Conflict resolution
    • Servitude contracts establishment and cancellation
  • Drafting and processing of:
    • Purchase-sale contracts
    • Mortgages contracts
    • Exchange contracts
    • Declaration of new building works
  • Assistance in rental and eviction trials
  • Foreclosure assistance


At Català Reinón we provide with the service of our attorneys to advice on any query, perform the drafting of contracts, and submit any complaint that derives from a breach of contract of both public and private contracts.

  • General advice
  • Drafting and processing of:
    • Sale-purchase contracts
    • Usufruct contracts
    • Mortgage contracts
    • Exchange contracts
    • Donation contracts
    • Cession contracts
    • Preliminary contracts
    • Contracts of employment
    • Security agreements
    • Accord and satisfaction, and release from the contractual obligations
  • Counsel:
    • Evictions
    • Breaches of contract