Lawyers specializing in criminal lawAt Català Reinón we offer assistance, advice, and legal defence in all kind of criminal proceedings. Our wide experience allows us to defend your interests with the highest guarantee of success, no matter whether you are a natural or a legal person.

Criminal proceedings are very specific unlike others and prosecutes highly sensitive matters for both the party being prosecuted or investigated and the victim. In this type of proceedings it is strictly necessary to rely on an expert lawyer such as the ones at Català Reinón, who have extensive knowledge in this field and can put their experience at your service, offering you the peace of mind and confidence that are of utmost importance and are highly valued by our clients. Leave your criminal issues in the hands of our lawyers and we will get you the best solution.


At Català Reinónwe offer among other services the following:

  • General advice
  • Civil defence and accusation
  • Processing of:
    • Criminal procedures
    • Appeals
  • Drafting of:
    • Claims and lawsuits
    • Criminal lawsuits
  • Defence in driving offences and crimes against the road traffic security trials
  • Private prosecution and defence in legal procedures:
    • Preliminary procedures
    • Oral hearings
    • Trials by jury
    • Domestic violence cases
    • Protection and restraining order cases
  • Assistance:
    • Medical malpractice cases
    • Statement-taking or questioning before the police and at Court
    • Assistance to plaintiffs or defendants in misdemeanour trials
  • Counsel and follow up in trial procedures
  • Counsel to the person under arrest