Labour Law is an area of the law the principles and rules of which regulate the working relationships. At Català Reinón we provide the service of the best labour lawyer who personally addresses our clients’ cases. Our lawyers can solve any concerns our clients might have and give them a quick, effective and decisive solution in order to defend their interests.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires the legal counsel of a labour lawyer in Sabadell, keep reading: at Català Reinón we have the best team of lawyers as well as the consultancy of Expert Witnesses, notaries and even psychologists and private investigators. Català Reinón is one of the most prestigious law firms of the region. Thanks to our team with the labour lawyers, our counsel will always come with the best care and legal representation for the defence of your rights.

Defence of your rights in a situation of incapacity for work

In a situation of incapacity for work we will inform you on the many actions and services we can provide for the defence of your case. We will solve any problems derived from any situation of incapacity from work, and we will assist you in the process of determining the degree of incapacity you may suffer and the benefits to which you are entitled. Contact our lawyers specialising in Labour Law at Català Reinón; hire our counselling services.

Actions against workplace accidents and occupational diseases

If you happen to be victim of any of these issues we will assist you on the application for a Temporary Disability Allowance and inform you of your rights and the procedures that must be followed in order to prevent any damage to your working situation. This is a delicate subject in the defence of your rights, and that is why the counsel of the labour lawyers at Català Reinón plays an important role when it comes to getting a better economic compensation and allowance, thanks to our quick and effective response.

Permanent non-disabling injuries

In case of suffering from a workplace accident or occupational disease which is not constitutive of a permanent disability, there is still the possibility to pursue an allowance claim. The labour lawyers at Català Reinón will advise you on the economic compensations you can claim accordingly to your injuries.

Labour lawyer’s help regarding the acknowledgement of a permanent disability

If you have arrived at the end of your Temporary Disability Allowance period, perhaps you will need of the assistance of one of our labour lawyers at Català Reinón.

Our lawyers will counsel you during the preliminary procedures to apply for a Permanent Disability Allowance, and will help you submit the required documentation to the Social Security National Institute. You should know in these situations the law is on the worker’s side, nevertheless you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our labour lawyers in order to repair your rights in the best way possible.

Compatibility of working and receiving a Permanent Disability Allowance

If you are benefiting from a Permanent Disability Allowance but want to perform any job activity or participate gainfully in the labour market you will need professional counsel to check its compatibility with the allowance you are receiving.

Possibility of earning a salary as well as a Permanent Disability Allowance

If you suffer from a permanent disability, you must know that it exists a possibility of receiving a Permanent Disability Allowance as well as earning a salary; it does not matter whether you keep working at the same company or not. The request for a Permanent Disability Allowance is compatible with earning a salary; the constitutional principles of the Spanish Labour Law allow this casuistry. At our law firm we provide the assistance of the best labour lawyers in Barcelona to counsel you in any issue regarding this matter.

Right to a Non-contributory Disability Allowance

The Spanish Social Security allows the psychologically, physically or sensory disabled to receive an allowance when the social security fund does not cover them. The law allows that, even though their contribution rates are not enough, they receive an allowance deriving from their injuries. Contact Català Reinón and our labour lawyers will inform you of your rights and how to obtain your rightful allowance.

Permanent Disability Allowance

Suffering from a permanent disability can represent a great issue to a working person; for that reason the law allows the disabled to have access to certain benefits and advantages, besides of their allowance. Rehabilitation subsidies, social housing and special parking authorisations are, among many others, the options that the law provides for whomever might need them. Knowing about these rights can favour your situation, but ignoring them might aggravate your situation. Thus, it is necessary that you contact a labour lawyer. At Català Reinón we have the best team of labour lawyers in Sabadell.

Labour law firm in Sabadell

At Català Reinón we specialise in redundancies and claims of payment; many have relied on our services and have seen their issues being successfully resolved. We offer the services of the best lawyers in Barcelona to extensively advice on all their rights as employees.

Are you looking for a labour lawyer in Sabadell?

Are you worried that you have been wrongfully laid off? Are you suffering a temporary disability and want to claim a permanent disability? How are extra shift hours calculated? Has a leave of absence been denied to you? Are you a victim of discrimination in your company? We will help you in any situation.

At Català Reinón we have been working with the best team of lawyers in all branches of the law in sABADELL for over twenty years. Our labour lawyers offer personalised counsel, broad experience and great professionalism. Our goal has always been that of defending the interests of our clients while reaching the solution that benefits them the most.

At Català Reinón in Sabadell we will listen and deal with any issue you bring to us and come with the best solution for you. As Labour lawyers we will counsel you on all kind of employment contracts, redundancies, claims of payment, mobbing, geographical mobility, disabilities, conciliations and class actions, among many other issues.

Strike - Labor Law

What to do in the face of a conflict with your employees? What rights does a worker on strike have? How to solve it? Our team of Labor specialists of Català Reinón Abogados Barcelona has a long experience in this type of questions, do not hesitate to trust us.

What is a strike?

It is a standstill or alteration of work activity. A collective and gathered action of workers, as a measure of pressure against businessmen and/or public authorities. All this is done to achieve an improvement or maintenance of economic, labor, employment or social conditions.

And the right to strike?

The right to strike is a right that workers have in our country, recognized as a fundamental right in the art.28.2 of the Spanish Constitution: "the right to strike by workers is recognized for the defense of their interests. The law that regulates the exercise of this right will establish the precise guarantees to ensure the maintenance of the essential services of the community."

We find ourselves before a right of individual ownership but of collective exercise. That is to say, a strike will be effective when there is a consensus among the workers, or if, on the contrary, the strike was carried out by only one person, this would not be an effective strike, but null, and the worker would have violated his work contract.

When we speak of individual law, it means that each worker is free to decide if he wants to participate or strike or not, without any pressure or coercion.

What are legal strikes?

Guidelines for a strike to be considered legal:

  • The strike must be declared by unions or workers' representatives, and must have been proclaimed after a majority decision.
  • The notice of the strike must be notified to the employer or businessmen affected with a minimum of five days in advance, or ten days in the case of a company engaged in public services.
  • A strike committee should be formed, consisting of a maximum of twelve workers from the affected center or centers, to participate in union, administrative or judicial actions. In addition, this committee must have the function of guaranteeing that the minimum security and maintenance services are met.
  • The strike may be publicized peacefully. In no case should there be violence, coercion or threats.

Assumptions of illegal strike

  • When the strike is initiated or sustained for political reasons or for any other purpose beyond the professional interest of the affected workers.
  • When it is of solidarity or support, unless it directly affects the professional interest of those who promote or support it.
  • When the strike is intended to alter, within its period of validity, what is agreed in a Collective Bargaining Agreement or that established by judgment.
  • When it occurs in contravention of the provisions of this Royal Decree-Law, or expressly agreed in Collective Bargaining Agreement for the resolution of conflicts.

When is the strike terminated?

It will be terminated when workers dismiss it because both parties have reached an agreement or covenant, and all the measures that have been negotiated will be included in the so-called collective bargaining agreement, which must be fulfilled by both parties.

During the days in which the strike lasts, the contract is suspended, that is, workers who participate in the strike, stop receiving the salary corresponding to the days it lasts.

Evidently, given that it is the exercise of a constitutionally recognized right, there is no sanction by the employer. But if, on the contrary, the strike is declared illegal, the employer will be entitled to impose disciplinary sanctions.

During the course of the strike, workers of the committee and the employer usually have meetings, they meet to negotiate a series of conditions or improvements on salary, schedules, etc.

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