You need a Penal Compliance ?

The Penal Code’s new reform of 2015 establishes that legal persons will be criminally responsible for crimes committed by their managers or employees.

Abogados Compliance

Why Penal Compliance is necessary ?

Because most of the crimes are committed in consequences of a lack of knowledge.

And the consequences can be disastrous for your business...

  • High economic sanctions.
  • Loss of tax benefits and subsidies.
  • Closure of premises and establishments.
  • Dissolution of the company.
  • The responsibility of the administrator.

Objectives and compliance

This compliance model aims to establish several principles, rules and values that must be followed within the company * IE *.

It governs not only the behavior of workers but also their relationships with other clients, partners, external collaborators, or even with the public sector … His main interest is to ensure adequate behavior necessary for good professional development. Therefore, this compliance is establishing a series of rules that constitute a true code. The respect of this code will be ensured by the principle of criminal responsibility included in the Spanish legal system, giving rise to a series of criminally punished crimes.

To comply, it is necessary :

  • Have a professional behavior adjusted to this set of rules.
  • Opt for a collaborative and responsible attitude towards the various work situations.
  • Privilege the ethical principles to follow in the field of work.

Application area

Abogados Complice

This set of rules of conduct is addressed to all workers of the company * IE *, including workers from different sectors, working partners and collaborators regardless of the position they occupy in the company or the place where they perform their job.

The management of the company * IE * is committed to provide all necessary means to fulfill its objectives, values and missions.

This code of conduct is not intended to regulate all behaviors that may exist within the professional activity but to establish guidelines for guidance.

Abogados Compliance: Conductas a adoptar por una empresa

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Fundamental rights

to respect in all their activities the fundamental rights of persons and public freedoms recognized by national and international agreements that promote respect for dignity.

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Employee relationship

There must be a mutual respect among employees which translates into cordial relationships and a pleasant, healthy and safe working environment. This fair and respectful treatment also applies to relationships between employees and external collaborating companies.

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Equality of work development and non-discrimination

This implies a fight against discrimination in any way: directly or indirectly, because of sax, race, marital status, age ...

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Safety and health prevention

The company * IE * assumes its duty to: Prevention of incidents and / or accidents at work. Prevention of occupational diseases. Improvement of social security conditions at work.

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Act in the best interest of the company

The utmost care in preserving the image and reputation of the company must be given in all professional actions.

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Preservation of the environment

It consists in having an active role in the conservation of the environment respecting the legal requirements and the environmental programs implemented.

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Prohibition of the consumption of illicit products

This prohibition includes the fact of working under its effects in the workplace. It must be understood that such prohibition was taken in the sense of avoiding any endangerment of himself, his companions, other people or goods and equipment of the company.

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Hygiene in common work areas

The common use of work areas implies the essential maintenance of clean and orderly jobs.

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Possible economic irregularities

Adopting proper procedure and measures to prevent irregular payments originating in criminal activities.

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Contraindication against any other compensation

The company promises to remain available to employees who know about this type of situation.

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Proper use of company media

In the field of the development of their labor functions, the worker may face situations in which it is necessary to use the various means of the company to perform their missions in the best way.

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Separation between personal / work interests

The personal interests of employees cannot interfere in the responsible and ethical fulfillment of their professional duties and responsibilities in any way whatsoever: directly or indirectly.

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Costumer Service

In this sense, all customers will receive a deal: Respectful. Fair. Honest.

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Relationship with collaborators and public authority

This relationship should be based on: Trust. Requirement of a maximum quality. Transparency. Mutual benefit.

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There are internal, external standards established by the good treatment of information and data that employees must strictly comply with.

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Intellectual and industrial propriety

The company is committed to the protection of its own and others' intellectual and industrial property. This includes protecting: Copyright. Reproduction rights Design rights. Rights on specialized technical knowledge...