You need a Penal Compliance ?

The Penal Code’s new reform of 2015 establishes that legal persons will be criminally responsible for crimes committed by their managers or employees.

Abogados Compliance

Why Penal Compliance is necessary ?

Because most of the crimes are committed in consequences of a lack of knowledge.

And the consequences can be disastrous for your business...

  • High economic sanctions.
  • Loss of tax benefits and subsidies.
  • Closure of premises and establishments.
  • Dissolution of the company.
  • The responsibility of the administrator.

Objectives and compliance

This compliance model aims to establish several principles, rules and values that must be followed within the company * IE *.

It governs not only the behavior of workers but also their relationships with other clients, partners, external collaborators, or even with the public sector … His main interest is to ensure adequate behavior necessary for good professional development. Therefore, this compliance is establishing a series of rules that constitute a true code. The respect of this code will be ensured by the principle of criminal responsibility included in the Spanish legal system, giving rise to a series of criminally punished crimes.

To comply, it is necessary :

  • Have a professional behavior adjusted to this set of rules.
  • Opt for a collaborative and responsible attitude towards the various work situations.
  • Privilege the ethical principles to follow in the field of work.