CATALÀ REINÓN is a law firm that has specialized in civil and procedural law since its beginning, and is able to cover all the needs in these areas. Common civil law is regulated in the state Civil Code and has been the law historically applicable in our country in general.

Civil and Procedural lawyersHowever, legislative power and codification work in the territory of Catalonia has been gaining ground in many legal aspects and has clearly emerged as the main source of law. We add now, to the legal knowledge of common law that was applied 25 years ago, when we founded our firm, the Catalan civil law that has been ruling in different areas of law and which is still developing daily. The firm’s extensive knowledge of common civil law, Catalan law and its own jurisprudential experience in these areas and procedural law, which, by constitutional mandate, is still solely state law guarantee our success.

Trust us with your civil and procedural matters to feel the peace of mind that a good, experienced professional will offer you.


At Catalá Reinón we have a solid experience in this area of law on which we base design the legal strategy that best suits the requirements of each case. We will advise and counsel you to prevent unwanted situations. Among other types of services we can offer you the following:

  • General advise
  • Management of:
    • Precautionary measures
    • Enforcement of the ruling
    • Proceedings to terminate and rescind agreements
    • Notarial procedures
    • Claims for damages
    • Malpractice responsibility
    • Cassation appeal
  • Counsel:
    • Extrajudicial negotiations
    • Legal claims
    • Oral hearings and ordinary procedures
    • Abuse of the law
    • Possessory procedures
    • Protection of the fundamental rights
    • Procedures resulting of claims against the State
    • Consumers and users’ rights defence
  • Claims, pleas and defence in trials:
    • Payment proceedings
    • Oral hearings
    • Ordinary procedures
    • Special procedures
    • Foreclosure
    • Executory process

Catala Reinon Attorneys is a firm where you can find personalized advice to protect your rights that may not be respected. Here, you will find lawyers who are experts in civil law. If you are looking for a lawyer to solve a civil law problem, do not hesitate to contact us.

Civil law in Spain is regulated by the Civil Code, although in some autonomous communities there is a proper regulation, as in Catalonia, Navarre, Galicia or the Balearic Islands. At Catala Reinon lawyers, we are not only experts in common law, but we also have a firm located in Barcelona, ​​so we have a good knowledge of Catalan law, as well as useful jurisprudence in these areas.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a doubt or problem of civil law, you will be assisted by first rate specialists. If you are looking for the services of a professional, contact Catala Reinon lawyers, where you will find a great team that can help you in all areas of law.

Civil Law in Spain is formed by a set of legal rules that regulate the relations of citizens with each other, whether personal or patrimonial relations, voluntary or forced, is one of the basic rules, common to all Spanish territory, although special features and singularities in certain Autonomous Communities are found.

At Català Reinón Abogados we will advise and represent you on issues related to Civil Law, both at a private level and for your company. Our team of lawyers specialized in Civil Law focuses on protecting your interests, seeking solutions that guarantee the best option in the main areas of Civil Law.

Services that loans in the area of civil law

The lawyers of our firm specialized in Civil Law provide advice on all own matters to Private Law. In this area, in practice, all and each of the legal-private relationships that form the day-to-day of people through acts, contracts and businesses that we celebrate constantly and that have legal transcendence are tackled.

It is especially important to hire a lawyer experienced in Civil Law prior to the signing of any contract, since they will advise you and inform you about everything related to them. Our lawyers at Català Reinón Abogados will be the ones who can best anticipate possible future problems and provide you with the best solution and protection of your interests. Likewise, our lawyers will provide you with the best solution to conflicts that may arise from assisting you in all types of civil proceedings.

The Department of Civil Law is the largest of our office, since it is one of the most extensive areas and matters that our Legal System comprises. For this reason, at Català Reinón Abogados we offer and provide the following Civil Law services:

  • General Civil Liability.
  • Contractual Liability.
  • Extra-contractual Liability.
  • Quantity claims.
  • Claims to Air companies.
  • Traffic Accidents claims.
  • Debt claims.
  • Health Law.
  • Tourism Law.
  • Contracts.
  • Real rights.
  • Consumers and users. Defective products.
  • Real-Estate Law.

How can we help?

Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of our office Català Reinón Abogados, the Civil Law area works in coordination with the rest of the firm's departments in order to offer an integral, rigorous and quality service, adapted to the totality of specific needs and oriented to the search of global solutions and full customer satisfaction. Our Civil Law team is integrated, in turn, within the Procedural Law team in order to offer a judicial or extrajudicial solution in cases of non-compliance or damage to the client. Likewise, our firm has sufficient capacity to provide our services in any national territory, making all kinds of necessary paperwork to ensure your peace of mind and the achievement of your objective.

Trust our office to advise you on Civil Law matters. Our Civil Law lawyers of Català Reinón Abogados work assiduously to help you, evaluating each case in a personalized way, in search of solutions. In the same way, they will try to speed up all the necessary procedures and with total confidentiality. Our professional will advise you on different matters related to Civil Law, such as:

  • Composition, interpretation and review of contracts of all kinds.
  • Debts claims, unpaid, amounts.
  • Defense and representation before Tribunals and Courts.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.
  • Family, marriage and under aged.
  • Inheritances and successions.
  • Urban and rural leases and purchases.
  • Assistance in all types of civil proceedings.
  • Operations related to companies.
  • Evictions.

In short, Català Reinón Abogados will guide you in a personalized manner on how to defend your rights, as it is of vital importance to have a right and effective advice, especially in cases of insurance contracting, trade and lease of real estate (contracts composition), and in the civil liability procedures (contractual and extra-contractual) that may arise.

If you need legal help in any of the exposed topics or any other matter related to the area of ​​Civil Law, do not hesitate to contact us. Do not forget that at Català Reinón Abogados we work to solve all of our clients’ problems, in the best and fastest way possible, advising them on each of these matters raised, however, if you have any questions or issues on these matters or others of legal nature in which we could help, contact us so that we can assist you in everything related to Civil Law.

Harmful negative comments to the company on the Internet

Negative comments written on Internet portals can be very damaging to both the person and the company. In this article we will deal with this important topic as well as offering advice by the best lawyers in Barcelona.

How to defend my honor and that of my company violated on the Internet?

Nowadays, the Internet is an essential tool to sell and advertise your company, but in turn, every business is exposed to adverse assessments and negative criticism in this world-class computer network. Sometimes negative comments by a user, anonymous or not, are concealed by a certain accusatory and offensive character and that violate, for all purposes, the right to honor. These are assessments that may affect aspects of personal life and which create a situation that is detrimental to the individual, both in his private and professional sphere.

These situations generate doubts when not knowing how to proceed before them, to this end, we will transfer this issue to the legal level and we will try to give an answer offering possible alternatives to be adopted in the event of an attack to our person and company in public spaces open to comments.

How should we act in the face of negative comments on the Internet?

The aforementioned negative comments in the form of an attack violate the right to honor, to personal and family privacy, which are enshrined as fundamental rights in the article 18th of the Spanish Constitution, recognizing at the same time, the right to freedom of expression and information in the article 20th. Constitutional jurisprudence establishes that, in the moment in which a person exercises his right of expression and information and this affects others, it should be analyzed if the subject's behavior is justified because it is within the permitted scope, since otherwise, the right to honor and privacy that protects the subject would be violated.

Our legal system through the article 16th of the Law on Information Society Services, tries to resolve these conflicts of the right of honor on the Internet, which have been increased alarmingly in recent years because of the transfer of advertising of the company and the exposition of it on the Internet. This article states that "the providers of an intermediation service will not be responsible for the information stored at the request of the addressee provided that:

a) They do not have effective knowledge that the activity or information provided is unlawful or that it damages property or rights of a third party.

b) If they have it, act with diligence to withdraw the data or make it impossible to access them.

With all this we make it clear that we can only activate the liability mechanism in the event that people responsible of the web where such offensive, defamatory and offensive comments have been made, have not been responsible for the elimination or censorship of the same.

Law on Information Society Services

Finally, add that the Law on Information Society Services recognizes that the service providers of the information society are subject to civil, personal and administrative liability established in general in the legal system. Thus, the administrator takes a decisive role in combating these attacks to honor, since it is the one that will guarantee the freedom of expression of the Internet users on its platform but at the same time the administrator will have to limit it so that the honor of third parties is not harmed. He must act diligently since he could end up prosecuted jointly with the author of comments and offensive evaluations.

How does the law protect us from negative comments on the Internet?

We would conclude therefore that the Law offers us protection over those negative and harmful opinions that violate the honor of our person or company, chasing the author of the comments and in turn, punishing tolerance towards them condemning the passivity of the administrators of the portals or web pages.


If you find yourself in a situation similar to the one dealt with in this article, do not hesitate to contact our legal counsel in Barcelona or Sabadell. In Català Reinón Abogados you can obtain specialized attention in this area and advise you as best as possible.