CATALÀ REINÓN is a law firm with more than 25 years of experience in the matrimonial and family field.

Family Law Lawyers un BarcelonaIn Català Reinón we value extraordinarily offering the tranquility that this type of procedures require among the different people of the family: marriages, common-law couples, custody of children, compliance with rights and obligations and execution of judgments, with the transparency and flexibility necessary to face the conflicts and achieve the objectives that each client requires, evaluating in advance the circumstances that come together and establishing the necessary strategies for a correct fulfillment of the entrusted management. All this with the estimable negotiating capacity of the lawyers and members of the department whose virtue is highly valued by the clients.

In Català Reinón you will receive the experience and professionalism that will offer you the necessary tranquility to face these situations within the family environment.


In situations where emotions play an important role, it is of maximum importance to be counselled by professionals with broad experience who will defend your rights, either through an amicable settlement or in court.

  • General advice in family legal matters
  • Processing of:
    • Separations
    • Divorces by mutual consent as well as contentious divorces
    • Request for modification of the measures adopted in compliance with the sentence of separation or divorce
    • Civil annulments
    • Ecclesiastic annulments
    • Legal claims or defence in cases of alimony default of payment
    • Legal claims or defence in cases of breach of the measures adopted in compliance with the sentence of separation or divorce
    • Authorization for the sale of real estate property belonging to a minor or mentally challenged person
    • Prenuptial agreements
  • Counsel and claims:
    • Sole or joint care and custody agreements
    • Visiting arrangements agreements
    • Adoptions
    • Tutelage arrangements
    • Dissolution of the family condominium and distribution of property
  • Provisional measures management
  • Drafting of documents:
    • Pre nuptial agreements
    • Regulatory agreements with a Paternity Plan
    • Common-law marriage creation and dissolution or termination documents