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Possible crimes to prevent Compliance
Possible crimes to prevent Compliance

Relation of the main crimes with direct connection with the regulatory compliance of a commercial company established in the arts. 31, 31bis.

In 2010, the criminal liability of legal persons was introduced for the first time in the Spanish Criminal Code. Indeed, legal persons and businesses can commit crimes. Consequently, they may be required to answer for these acts before the criminal court. The Criminal Code establishes a list of several crimes for which an enterprise can be convicted.



Article CP Crime   Article CP Crime
156 bis     304 Illegal financing of political parties
177 bis Trafficking in human beings   305 Crimes against the Public Treasury
187 Prostitution - exploitation of minors - corruption of minors   307 Crimes against Social Security
197 Crimes against privacy and computer raid   311 Crimes against the rights of citizens
281 Shortage of raw materials   318 Crimes against foreign citizens
282 False advertising   319 Crimes against land use planning
283 Fraudulent Billing   325 Crimes against natural resources
286 AIllegal access to the broadcasting or television service   348 Risk of offenses caused by explosives
248 Fraud   359 Crimes with the public health medications
257 Punishable insolvency - lifting of assets -   362, 362 bis Sport doping
259 Punishable insolvency - current or imminent insolvency -   363 Food crimes against public health
264 Computer damage   368 Crimes against health. Drugs, narcotic psychotropic substances
270 Crimes against intellectual property   386 False means of payment
273 Crimes against industria property   392 Documentary falsehood
278 Discovery and disclosure of company secrets   424 Bribery
286, 286 bis,
286 ter, 286
Corruption in business   429 Influence peddling
301 Receiving. Money laundering   LO Smuggling Crime

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