9 Apr

Labor law: Motherhood

Since the entry of Spain into the European community we have had to adapt to community directives. The specialists in Labor Law of Català Reinón Advocats
6 Apr

Abusive clauses in mortgages

There are different types of abusive clauses in mortgages that, in the recent years, financial entities have incorporated into mortgage loans.. The majority of the people who have contracted a mortgage loan with the bank have an abusive clause
29 Mar

Types of dismissal

There are different types of dismissal that may be studied by a Labor Lawyer depending on your case. If you have been fired by the company, it is important to have some clear considerations about it. Our labor lawyers advise you to visit us as soon as possible
28 Feb

What is medical negligence?

You are before a medical negligence or medical malpractice when in a hospital, health center or a member of the health staff does not follow the required medical protocol, causing physical and/or moral damage to the patient.
11 Feb

Moonlighting and work accident

Currently, where low salaries and part-time contracts of a few hours predominate, it is increasingly common to find people who combine or need several jobs to complete a minimum subsistence wage.

16 Feb

Quantity claim | Civil Law

Exercising a claim amount by court is the best option to combat one of the situations, unfortunately, more current at the particular level and business that is the default by the obligor.