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Sexual harassment
Sexual harassment

The criminal law defines sexual harassment in its article 184 of the Penal Code as « the fact of requesting favors of a sexual nature, for oneself or for a third person, in the field of work, education or in the case service delivery carried out in a continuous or usual manner ».

Sentence in case of sexual harassment: prison of three to five months or fine of six to ten months.

The legal good that the criminal law protects in this case is liberty and the sexual indemnity.

  • Active subject: the leader, the colleague, but also the clients, suppliers or third parties in relation to the victim in the field of work.
  • Passive subject: any worker.

Action: Attacking the sexual freedom of the other in the field of work, education or in the case of service provision. In this case, the important elements are:

  • It is required the fulfillment of a request of a sexual nature.
  • This demand must be in the world of work whether in the field of education or the provision of service.
  • Moreover, the provocation of the situation must be done with intimidation, but also in a hostile and humiliating way.

Aggravated types are pre-valid sexual harassment and causal sexual harassment or sexual blackmail.

The aggravated subjectivity is the particular vulnerability due to age, illness or situation.

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