4 Dec

Motherhood, a right for every woman

Spanish Labor Law states in article 48.4 of the Workers' Statute that « the suspension shall last sixteen uninterrupted weeks which may be extended in the case of multiple births by two additional weeks for each child from the second ».

13 Nov

False testimony - Penalty

Crime of false testimony / Criminal law

Criminal law punishes the crime of false testimony whose basic type is defined in article 458 of the criminal code.

Penalty for the crime of false testimony: from six months to two years in prison

13 Nov

Crime of procedural fraud

Crime of procedural fraud / Criminal law

Criminal law punishes the crime of procedural fraud that is defined as an aggravated type of the crime of fraud and that is included in article 250.1.7 of the criminal code.

6 Nov

False testimony

False testimony, a crime of simple activity, because it is enough to violate the obligation to tell the truth in court so that the crime is consumed. Therefore, it is not necessary for the judge to accept the missing version of the story.
6 Nov

The offense of procedural fraud

In criminal law, the offense of procedural fraud is defined in articles 248 to 451 bis of the Penal Code, punishing those who « in any proceedings whatsoever manipulate the evidence on which they claimed to base their allegations or employ other similar procedural fraud causing an error by the judge or court and causing it to issue a solution that harms the economic interests of the other party or a third party ».
6 Nov

Sexual harassment

The criminal law defines sexual harassment in its article 184 of the Penal Code as « the fact of requesting favors of a sexual nature, for oneself or for a third person, in the field of work, education or in the case service delivery carried out in a continuous or usual manner ».
3 May

Sexual assaults | Criminal and penitentiary law

Criminal law when dealing with sexual assaults, the basic type is included in article 178 CP where the person who "attempts against the sexual freedom of another person using violence or intimidation" is punished.
25 Apr

Traffic accidents | Lawyers Barcelona

Processing all the legal aspects derived from a traffic accident is a laborious and complex task that requires expert professionals in this matter. From Català Reinón Abogados it is advised to the injured by traffic accident to process their claims through specialists
17 Apr

Strike - Labor Law

What to do in the face of a conflict with your employees? What rights does a worker on strike have? How to solve it? Our team of Labor specialists of Català Reinón Abogados  Barcelona has a long experience in this type of questions, do not hesitate to trust us.