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Traffic accidents | Lawyers Barcelona
Traffic accidents | Lawyers Barcelona
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    In this article we will explain the importance of a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents.

    Processing all the legal aspects derived from a traffic accident is a laborious and complex task that requires expert professionals in this matter. From Català Reinón Abogados it is advised to the injured by traffic accident to process their claims through specialists, people who have the habit of handling the Law 35/2015, of September 22nd, reform of the system for the assessment of damages caused to people in traffic accidents. You need the help of a professional who contributes to the management of the claim file a greater knowledge of the mentioned rule and of its tables for the calculation of the compensations.

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    In addition to the assessments of injuries, both temporary and permanent, the continuous procedural changes and the requirements for the exercise of the claim actions, require a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents, who knows the norm in depth and in all its details.

    Therefore, hiring the services of a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents can bring you an added value, which another type of lawyer would not ensure.

    The most frequent decision of the injured is to leave the processing of their accident and the resolution of the claim imposed on the insurers’ hands, which usually determine the compensation of the client based on their own criteria, thus producing a risk of not charging the adequate compensation for the extent of the material and personal damage suffered.

    At Català Reinón Abogados we will offer you personalized advice and help you deal with any legal problem, advising you at all times so that your processing is carried out in an agile, simple and satisfactory way. We examine each case independently, carefully assessing what type of damages affect each injured in the traffic accident suffered, thus offering a quick and effective resolution.

    Our specialized lawyers in all types of traffic accidents in Barcelona and Sabadell will look out, at all times, for your interests and for the correct development of the process so that you get the maximum compensation.

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    Have you suffered a traffic accident with bodily injuries?

    If you, your companion or a family member has suffered a traffic accident you should know that you are entitled to a fair compensation from the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident. Commonly, people who are involved in a traffic accident do not know their rights to be compensated for it.

    In Català Reinón Advocats, our team of lawyers specialized in traffic accidents in Barcelona is responsible for reporting the injured party of their rights as victims of an accident, of the amount that the insurer of the party causing the accident must pay and each and every one of the steps to follow to be able to collect the fairest compensation amount.

    Sadly, it is common for the insurer not to pay the real compensatory amounts to the injured person, thus paying out the least amount to the person and this is what Català Reinón Abogados will avoid. Our lawyers in traffic accidents will advise, negotiate and manage the collection from beginning to end so that the insurer will pay you as much health or rehabilitation costs as you need, in addition to an amount of money marked by the law.

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    To obtain the maximum compensation, our firm has the collaboration of a group of medical experts, who will be responsible, together with our lawyers, for the assessment of the damages suffered and will inform you in detail of the actual amount that you can collect.

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    Do you need a lawyer for a traffic accident?

    Català Reinón Abogados is an office that counts with a group of  lawyers specialized in traffic accidents in Barcelona and Sabadell who will get the maximum compensation for you thanks to our team of lawyers specialized in management, advice and negotiation with insurers. Our lawyers specialized in Traffic Accidents in Barcelona have a long experience in the processing of claims, damages, and compensation for traffic accidents. Get a fair compensation thanks to our group of lawyers specialized in traffic accidents. Let Català Reinón Abogados take care of everything, while you recover and perform the necessary rehabilitation to recover the normality of your life.